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MBI Energy

MBI Energy, a division of MacArthur & Baker International, Inc., is a consulting, engineering and projects development company with a proven track-record in the energy and mineral resources sector, particularly in the hydrocarbons (oil and gas), power generation and mining (Coal, Uranium, Iron Ore, Base Metals, etc.)

  • MBI Energy provides to International Groups, Energy Utilities and Public Administrations advisory services, engineering solutions and projects development in the Oil, Natural Gas, Power Generation and Mining industries.
  • Senior Managers of MBI Energy have been directly engaged over the last 40 years in well-known international energy companies, covering top positions both in the technical as well as commercial and financial areas.
  • In said capacities, great experience has been gained in the assessment and development of integrated Projects, most of world scale, in the entire value chain of the energy industry: upstream, middle stream and downstream.
  • The worldwide network of project development partners allows MBI Energy to maximize customers’ value by applying the highest quality and most efficient solution for execution.

Consulting Services

  • MBI Energy has advised many International Groups, Energy Utilities, Public Administrations and Governments in their development, strategy and business model.
  • MBI Energy supports its clients, side by side, to set the appropriate strategic program of activities and to efficiently realize the relevant implementation plan.
  • Examples of advisory services include:
    • Strategic assessment of integrated projects;
    • Identifying new growth opportunities, support to sustain the growth;
    • Establishment of project execution strategy (engineering, procurement, construction);
    • Market analysis (prices, tariffs, institutional framework etc.);
    • Supply analysis (prices, tariffs, institutional framework etc.);
    • Merging and acquisition: identification of opportunities, technical and economic analysis, business plans;
    • Feasibility studies: conceptual engineering, costs evaluation, economic and financial analysis;
    • Financing schemes and opportunities (project financing); identification of risks, sensitivity and mitigation plans
    • Institutional, contracts, legal and commercial advisory services;

Engineering Services:

  • Feasibility studies, basic engineering, FEED and detailed engineering of oil and gas pipeline, treatment plants, pumping compression and transfer facilities;
  • Feasibility studies, basic engineering and feed of Liquefied Natural Gas regasification terminals;
  • Feasibility studies and basic engineering of underground gas storage facilities;
  • Supervision to the construction, start-up and commissioning of the above facilities and plants;
  • Environmental impact and relevant certification; and
  • Refurbishment of refineries.

Oil and Gas
In the oil and gas sector, MBI Energy through its vast client base, subsidiaries, affiliates, partnerships and agency relationships, engineering and financial consulting support in:

  • Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Oil and Gas Production
  • Oil and Gas Trading
  • Oil and Gas Refining
  • Oil and Gas Marketing, and
  • Oil and Gas Transportation