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International Services

MBI offers an array of practical hands-on International Consulting Services to its clients.

  • Conceptualization and development of affordable housing and the primary and secondary mortgage industries in developing countries through our “Affordable Mass Housing and Mortgage Industry Initiative”. This original concept, required detailed research and the creation of international teams to undertake massive affordable housing projects, the arrangement of construction and mortgage financing, the creation of mortgage products tailored to each country of operation, as well as the creation of infrastructural financial platforms for the primary and secondary mortgage markets. To date, as a direct result of MBI’s vision and efforts, over 20,000 affordable housing units are in various stages of development in several developing countries. (Visit our affiliate’s website at
  • Identifying markets for agricultural products from developing countries and establishing trade linkages between developing countries and the United States and Europe through actual hands-on trading in large volumes of agricultural commodities products such as cocoa, cocoa products, cashew nuts, peanuts and spices from Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda to major international and U.S. buyers. Identifying, developing and promoting high value–added non-traditional agricultural products. (Visit our affiliate’s website at
  • Assisting international clients in the export of U.S.-produced goods and services under U.S. Export Import Bank programs. (Visit our related website at
  • Assisting international clients in the export of U.S.- produced agriculture products under U.S. Department of Agriculture programs. (Visit our related website at
  • Assisting clients from the conceptual development of projects through to the securing of financing from international institutions such as the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), as well as other international financial institutions.
  • Financial Management Technical Assistance for Government Institutions.
  • Information Systems Development and Management for Government Institutions.
  • Financial Institutions Restructuring and Privatization.
  • Training of Financial Institution Management, Including Central Bankers.
  • Raising Capital for Viable Projects and Recapitalization of Institutions.
  • Building Professional Teams for Specific International Projects.

Countries in which MBI personnel have provided (or continue to provide) professional services, in addition to the United States, include:

Bolivia    |   Ivory Coast    |    Cameroon     |    Kenya    |    Canada    |    Liberia    |    Chad    |    Namibia    |    China    |    Nigeria

Costa Rica  |    Rwanda    |    Ethiopia    |    Senegal    |    France    |    South Africa    |    Gambia    |    Taiwan    |    Germany

Tanzania    |    Ghana     |    Uganda    |    Guatemala    |    UK    |    Haiti     |    Yugoslavia    |    Honduras     |     Zambia