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Information Technology

MBI’s personnel possess broad-based skills in IS/IT Consulting.

Information Systems (IS) & Information Technology (IT) Support Services

MBI’s expertise in IS/IT includes the following categories:

Oracle EPM:

Hyperion Planning & Financial Reporting
We have Functional, Technical and Infrastructure resources specializing with Hyperion Full Life Cycle System 11.x Implementations, System 9.x Upgrades and enhancement and redesign efforts.

We utilize ready-to-use Cloud Instances for rapid development, and collaborate with our clients to reduce our time to market and provide hands-on experience with the application early in our Requirements and Design phases with our Interactive Approach.

Hyperion Planning & Financial Reporting

  • Classic
  • Workforce Planning
  • Capital Expenditures (CapEx)

Hyperion Public Sector Planning and Budgeting (PSPB)

  • Human Capital Planning (HCP)

Hyperion Essbase
We provide creative and scalable solutions incorporating Hierarchy Theory and dynamic MetaData Management, leveraging the power of the multi-dimensional design.

  • Federal Financials
  • Budget Book
  • CAFR, GFOA, Appropriation Ordinance Schedules, CAO Reporting
  • Financial Summary (Revenue & Expense Reporting by Organization)
  • Segment / Chartfield Reporting
  • Operating Budget Variance Reporting / BTAs
  • Payroll
  • PeopleSoft Integration / Drill-back to Source

IS Management:  Database, records, and project management as well as communications and networks.

IS Audits and Reviews:  IS auditing, reviews and maintenance, customization,
modernization and standardization of existing financial systems, and security reviews.

IS Analysis and Planning:  System, equipment, and technical analysis as well as long-range IS planning.

Programming:  Computer programming, software development and implementation, and simulation models and expert systems, professional integration of software and financial data.

Systems Design and Integration:  Systems review, architecture and network design and implementation, hardware and software maintenance, management, configuration and upgrades of existing systems, and communication and peripheral settings.

IT Support:  Project management, training and transfers of skills, software and hardware sourcing and recommendations, and interfacing of system and accounting data with other departments and agencies.

Technical Support:  Development programmers, maintenance programmers, and systems analysis.

System Architecture:
System Administration:  Expertise and assignments include but are not limited to the following operating system and hardware platforms:  TM, PRIMOS, MVX/XA, VSE/SPS, EDOS/VS, VM/HPQK, OS1100, VM/SP, MVS, MSDOS, PCDOS, and UNIS, on IBM, UNISYS, PRIME, AMDAHL, DEC and PC and SUN equipment.

Database Administration:  Evaluates and recommends available database management products and services to support defined user requirements; defines file organization, indexing methods, and securing procedures.

Database Design and Implementation:  Corporate requirement analysis, semantic modeling, view integration, date mapping to DBMS schema, physical database design and evaluation, and database restructuring and conversion.

Computer System Installation:  Selection, purchase and integration of computer hardware and software.

Maintenance and Repair Services:  Maintenance and repair of system hardware and software.

Document Imaging Services

MBI provides cutting edge high volume document imaging/retrieval and high volume “paper to electronic” conversion services. Our document imaging systems enable:

  • Ease of Data Retrieval
  • Permanent Storage on High Tech Medium
  • Elimination of Lost/Misfiled Information
  • Database Creation from Archives on Instant Retrievable Medium
  • Instant Answer to Queries from Database
  • High Speed, High Volume Raw Data Conversion for Paper, Microfilm, and Microfiche, from Both On and Off Sites